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  1. The booking is to understand definitively confirmed by receiving of the deposit ( 30% of the total amount ). The deposit is to be be sent by bank transfer or through a credit card on the web-site : www.turistica-tonussi.it. If the agency doesn’t receive the deposit until 15 days, the booking will be cancelled. As soon the agency receives the deposit, the guest will receive a confirmation letter, which has to be shown at the arrival.

  2. The balance of the rent , together with the extra charges, have to be paid by the arrival  by cash or POS-Visa ( the extras only cash ) , contextually to the collection of the keys.

  3. For cancellation made up to 4 weeks before the arrival, the guest must give advice in a written way to the agency. Following this way the client will not lose his deposit :  it will be considered a credit, valid for a future reservation in the actual or in the following season in one of our structures. Otherwise the deposit will not be refund. 

  4. The arrival must occur on the fixed day and hour. In case of delay, the guest is kindly requested to inform in time the agency. If the guest doesn’t arrive until 10.00 a.m. of the following day ( without giving notification ), the agency can rent the flat again.

  5. Flats and parking places are available from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. of the arrival date ; before 4.00 p.m. the agency doesn’t guarantee any flat or parking. The parking is suitable for cars, not for minivans or vans.

  6. The guest must inform the agency of any breakages or missing equipment of the flat within 24 hours. The agency will act as soon as possible checking the flat, and, if necessary, will provide to set it in order again. Should the agency not be informed, the costs will be charged to the client.

  7. The guest must have the utmost care of the flat and of the household appliances . He receives the flat cleaned up and he has to clean carefully the kitchen- coin it before his departure. At  9.00 a.m. of the departure date , flats and parking places have to be free . The flat has to be left as it has been found, set in order again, free of rubbish and bottles, the fridge empty and clean.  It' s absolutely forbidden to host a number of people superior to the number of beds ; on this regard children are considered as adults.

  8. The agency is authorized to enter in the flat at any moment , to check ist proper use or for any repairs and maintenance. If the rental rules aren’t followed by the guest, the agency is allowed to break the contract at any time, even with the police attendance, if necessary.

  9. In the flats or houses smoking is absolutely forbidden ( it' s allowed outdoors, in the balconies or terraces ). In the flats any unnecessary noise , especially at night,  has to be avoided ( wearing clogs, slamming doors, rearrange furniture or loud speaking).

  10. All the flats are equipped with pillows, blankets and bedcovers , but not with bed linen and bath clothes ; the guest has to carry them from home.The matress-covers and the pillow-covers can' t be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be asked.

  11. Every flat has one parking place and the guest must park exclusively in his parking place – it’ s usually the same number of the flat. Other cars must be moved away and parked nearby, respecting the highway code. The agency isn’t liable of any fines.

  12. Pets are allowed ( just 1, and by a surchage of €. 30,00 )The owners must follow some rules : pets are not allowed to sleep on the beds or on the sofa and can’ t stay alone in the flats. Outdoors they must be always kept on a leash. On the departure day owners have to check and to clean the flat, its balcony or terrace.

  13. The agency isn’t responsible for any damage or theft occurring in the flats during the staying of the guests. The agency will try to help them and to solve any possible problem.

  14. Any legal dispute has to be brought behind the court of justice in Venice.

  15. The guest expressly accepts all the conditions here above written.